Accelerate Conference

Couples from nations in attendance at the Accelerate Conference in Malaysia
Fiji couples- Matai & Mei; Feke and Peni; Joanna and Tony.
Stopping the elevator for our spouses to come in to the lift
It’s a farewell lift from Peni to Gerry Gardiner from Texas
Our Fiji team with Michael Phillipps
Breakfast with China and Australia
Intensive prayer session
2=1 (MMI) Founding Director Michael Phillipps
MCs for the Accelerate Conference- Gam and Baby from the Phillippines
Judy and Jim Johnson who brought MMI to the nations of the Pacific and Asia
Discussions with Chinese Leaders
Fiji and China partnership
Exchange of gifts with China
Time for fellowship and dinner

Matai & Mei with Australian Leaders Ian and Jane Watts

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