2=1 Asia Pacific


Welcome Editors!

We thankyou for volunteering to be part of this project. Together we can serve our fellow coaching couples and help to spread the good news of Jesus and his love for all marriages.

These are the goals of this school:

  • To teach you how to access the WordPress editing suite.
  • To explain how to edit text, images, backgrounds, videos and buttons on your country’s webpages.
  • To share information about how to safely work on your pages and the extent of your authority.

Class Information

  • To help you learn and “play” safely, we have created a series of training pages. You are welcome to try out anything you like on these pages. You can make as many mistakes as you like and it wont matter.
  • There are many tutorials out there to help you learn on YouTube . We use Elementor as our editing program. You can find support on their website https://elementor.com/help/ or just google your question.
  • If you need specific help regarding the website contact us at asiaadmin@2equal1.com or via the editors WhatsApp chat.
  • On this editors webpage you will find a series of short tutorials. Start at number one and work through them or jump to the one you need help with.

Class Rules

  • Never change another country’s webpage unless you have been asked to do so.
  • Never change the common background colours or font styles. We want our pages to look uniform.
  • Never change the header or footer on your pages. These contain the dropdown menus and contact information. If you do, it can change the look of the entire website. If you need change these contact your website administrator:
  • Ian Watts  asiaadmin@2equal1.com
  • Peter  Pandiraj   peter_indian@yahoo.com
  • David Zhang admin@2equal1.com
  • When adding images use the free ones in the media suite. If you are adding images of people or videos, please get their written permission. If you want to add stock photos, please get your administrator to purchase them. To check if an image from other sites is free or not, use this website. https://tineye.com/ . Apart from the training pages, always email us with image information when adding new images.

Be Creative

  • Have fun in the training pages.
  • If you find an idea from another website that you want to try, then contact your administrator to see if this might be incorporated into our website.
  • Its important that we keep a certain uniformity across the website and a corporate look. Having said this, pray and ask the Holy Spirit for ideas.  Together we will develop and improve the website in the months and years ahead.


Your website administrators are always open to questions

so we can help you learn. 

Contact us:

    • Ian Watts: asiaadmin@2equal1.com
    • Peter Pandiraj: peter_indian@yahoo.com
    • David Zhang: admin@2equal1.com

Or you could ask your question on the 2=1 editors WhattsApp group and we can all help and learn from each other

Editing Tutorials

1. How to access the editing suite

2. A quick tour of the Elementor editor.

3. How to edit the text on a page.

4. How to edit images on a page.

5. How to Create new pages by duplicating them.

6. How to transfer content from one page to another.

7. How to add buttons and link them to other pages.

8. How to make your pages mobile friendly.