Doors are opening up and miracles taking place

Marriage Ministries International (Fiji) is starting to see doors opening up for the extension of God\’s kingdom through the ministry.

MMI as it is known in Fiji has been praying and fasting every month since December 2021.

Operation Jericho began in earnest after the 2=1 Global Day of Prayer on January 15, 2022.

MMI Leaders and Prayer Warriors have been praying and fasting for the 1st seven days of each month.

The focus has been on Covenant Marriages, Families, Unity of the Body of Christ, Peace of Jerusalem, Our Nation and Nations of the World.

Just this month, we were part of a Prayer Breakfast sponsored by a Television Station that brought the Body of Christ together.

We are also receiving reports of miracles happening in families as husband and wife put into practice the foundational principals of the Married For Life course.

Glory to God, the Holy Spirit is moving powerfully transforming marriages.\"\"