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Parents for Life

Parents for Life teaches biblical-based foundational principles for Godly parenting. It provides an opportunity for the parents to sow in the future of their children, as well as their children’s children.

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Nine weeks that will change your family.

Nine weeks that will change your family.


The course runs for 9 weeks with the following topics:

How the way you were parented affects the way you parent. Learn how to avoid the mistakes your parents may have made.

Why our child needs a mum and a dad. Why mums can’t be dads and dads can’t be mums

Each child is created uniquely. How to bring out the best in your child

Learn how to invest life into your child that will yield great returns in the future

How to establish healthy boundaries and develop your child’s character

How to agree on what discipline is appropriate

Why we are parents for life and teachers 24/7

How to release your child into their full potential

Every child has a destiny. How do we cooperate with Gods plan for them?

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