2=1 Asia Pacific


Our Core Values

We are couples in countries around the world who have discovered the power of God’s marriage covenant and our goal is to take His message of the oneness and power of that covenant to the Church and to the world. The Coaching Couples of 2=1 have discovered God’s power for their own marriage and family and are eager to help others discover it as well. Through their open and honest sharing about their own journey, each coaching couple models God’s unfolding plan as He works in their lives. Coaching couples help other couples to discover God’s plan for their lives and how to live it out.

“As marriages grow strong, families grow strong. As families grow strong, a nation changes".

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps

Core Values

The Core Values of 2=1.
These are the principles upon which this ministry is based.


  • Are unchangeable.
  • Determine the form and the flow of ministry.
  • Determine what is negotiable and what is not.
  • Help people identify their call.
  • Are the basis for reproducibility.

The truth of God’s Word leads people to the One who is Truth
Our goal is to deepen people’s relationship with Jesus, not make them dependent upon us. See people and situations as Jesus does, through eyes of faith

The power of the Holy Spirit changes the believer from within (Fruit of the Spirit) and flows out through the believer (Gifts of the Spirit).

Marriage relationship and commitment is to reflect the Lord’s covenant relationship with His Church.

God established marriage in the Garden of Eden with a man and a woman and gave us His blueprint. God intends for family to produce healthy sons and daughters in the image of their Father. All aspects of family life flow from and relate back to the marriage covenant. Addressing family issues must include developing a healthy marriage

Discipling is more than disseminating information. Discipling includes training, modeling and accountability. Modelling is a transparent demonstration of process rather than perfection in the lives of the disciplers. Discipling is based in relationship

Our goal is not to make others dependent on us but rather teach them to develop a deepening relationship with the Lord and reach out to others in His name. We are all to bear fruit and multiply. Our role in the earth is to give to others what God gives to us. Although gifts and talents of people vary, others must be able to duplicate each model produced. Everyone who ministers in 2=1 should be making disciples at the same time.

Both husband and wife are equally called of God. Each spouse needs to respect, honor, and nurture the gifts and talents of the other.
Couples need to be taught how to blend their gifts and talents to equip them in the synergism of a one-flesh team. We are responsible to seek out those who will disciple us in our call.

Marriage and family reflect God’s relationship to His Church 2=1 leaders are ordinary couples demonstrating the power of God in our homes, jobs, and lives. We are to teach couples how to reach their neighbourhoods, communities, and other spheres of influence.

Decisions and actions of one generation affect successive ones.
One generation has the power in Jesus to stop generational curses.
One generation has the ability to perpetuate blessings generationally.
Christians must think and plan generationally.

We need to flow together as a one in obedience to the commands and direction of our Head, Jesus Christ.