2=1 Asia Pacific


Our Core Values

These are the principles upon which this ministry is based.

  • Are unchangeable
  • Determine the form and flow of the ministry.
  • Determine what is negotiable and what is not
  • Help people identify their call
  • Are the basis for reproducibility

“As marriages grow strong, families grow strong. As families grow strong, a nation changes".

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps

Core Values

Jesus is the only way to the Father and to eternal life.

The power of the Holy Spirit changes the believer from within and then flows outward to others

Marriage relationship and commitment is to reflect the Lord’s covenant relationship with His Church.

God established marriage in the Garden of Eden with a man and a woman and gave us His blueprint.
Discipling is based in relationship and includes training, modeling, and accountability.
Our goal is not to make others dependent on us but rather teach them to develop a deepening relationship with the Lord and reach out to others in His name.
The synergism of one-flesh enables a couple to accomplish far more than they ever could alone.
2=1 classes meet in homes to remind us that God desires to reach our neighborhoods from our homes,lighthouses shining in the darkness.

The decisions we make today affect the families of tomorrow.

We need to flow together as one in obedience to the commands and direction of our Head, Jesus Christ.