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ONE for Life

A Bible based premarital course designed for first-time marriages.

Love may be blind but preparing for marriage should be done with your eyes wide open!

Do you really know the person you are marrying?

Do you really know yourself?

Have you dealt with all your past relationships?

How about your relationship with your parents?

All of these factors help determine the success of your marriage. When two become one it should be for a lifetime. Before you take that important step, make sure you really know what you are doing. Our Bible based pre-marital course brings you through eight weeks of preparation for marriage which can make all the difference in the years to come.

What others say

What others say

“As marriages grow strong, families grow strong. As families grow strong, a nation changes".​
Mike and Marilyn Phillipps
2“As marriages grow strong, families grow strong. As families grow strong, a nation changes".​
2Mike and Marilyn Phillipps
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At a glance

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1st Session Preview

1st Session Preview

1st Session Preview


What you will learn in the coming weeks.

Why marriage won’t solve your problems.

How I can prepare myself for a great marriage.

Why it really does matter if you have loved and lost.

How to leave the past behind.

How your relationship with mum and dad is going to affect your marriage.

Seriously, is marriage for better or for worse?

How to fulfil your destiny together.

What is your mission in life?

What is the most intimate thing you can do together? What’s the big deal about being a virgin? Can sexual purity be regained?
What will your role be in your marriage be? No longer “Me” but “We”. How to make decisions together with God.

Where does the money go?

How to make it work for you.

How does it work?

All 2=1 Malaysia courses consist of a maximum of seven couples(a coaching couple, a coaches in training couple, and five participant couples).

You will meet weekly for teaching and sharing.

You are then encouraged to put the course principles into practice.

Register Today.

The registration fee is RM100 each, (RM200 per couple) or RM50 each for those who have done a previous ONE course with 2=1.