2=1 Asia Pacific


Who we are

2=1 Philippines is an army of families passionate to bring change to the Philippines and the world by bringing the message of covenant marriage to every Filipino home. We are part of 2=1 International, a world-wide teaching ministry equipping the body of Christ with bible-based principles for married couples, parents, and seriously dating couples.

Experience God's goodness in your family that lasts through generations

Our Mission

To build Powerhouse homes that:

Our mission is to establish powerhouse Christian homes in the Philippines and across the nations where the peace and love of Christ manifests…

homes where one can find salvation, healing and deliverance, endowed with power to tear down the works of the enemy, setting people free…

These powerhouse homes make a significant difference in the church, community and nation, creating a lasting impact throughout the generations.

Our Team

National Leaders

Majo & Rana Mendoza


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