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“We build as one, to leave a legacy for life.”

Married for Life

Married for Life is a 12-week course on God’s blueprint for marriage. It teaches couples the importance of a covenant relationship and imparts life-giving principles that create joyful marriages that last.

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What you will learn in the coming weeks.

Learn how to make your marriage last a lifetime.

How do two become one? Learn if you’re helping or hindering the process

What is a wife supposed to do? How about a husband? The answers may surprise you.

Things don’t just happen by accident. Learn how today’s actions influence tomorrow’s outcomes.

Is it really possible to forgive? Under what circumstances? How many times?

Sometimes you’re just looking at each other through the wrong lenses. Learn how to improve your vision

What is the closest a husband and wife can be?

Don’t think you’ll ever agree? Be surprised

Go to the depths of intimacy God designed for marriage

Learn to fight the right way. Identify your real enemy, choose your weapons

Make the changes last. Learn how to ensure that what you’ve started won’t stop

You’re a team now, make the most of it!

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