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About Us

Greetings From Singapore

Your marriage is the foundation of your family.

If your marriage is hurting, then your children will be hurting too. You can turn your family from one that is hurting to one that shines like a lighthouse for others. Or, perhaps, you just want to revitalize your marriage and strengthen it.

Our marriage course, Married For Life, has touched the lives of over a million couples and transformed their marriages since 1983. You will discover that you are not alone and there’s help along the way. Learn how to flow as a one-flesh couple. Find out what a covenant marriage is and that divorce is never the answer. Read our real-life testimonies in this website.

Has it occurred to you that our God cares not just for you, but also for the generations that come after you? Stop to think about the kind of legacy you are passing on to your children and their children after them. Are you passing on generational blessings or curses? The decisions we make today can impact generations to come. An entire destiny hinges on the outcome. Learn how to raise godly children from our parenting course, Parents For Life.

Our homes can be oases of peace, harmony and joy. Our families can be powerhouse homes in our communities. The leadership of 2=1 Marriage Ministries can testify to this. Our own marriages and families have been transformed by God through the courses. In gratitude and love, we have volunteered to show others the way

2=1 Singapore began in 1995 when we conducted the courses – Married For Life, Parents For Life and ONE For Life, through a Christian society called AFLAME.

The ministry is now called 2=1 Marriage Ministries.

To date, hundreds of couples in Singapore have seen their marriages and relationships awakened by 2=1 courses. Over a million couples in over 90 countries around the world have also experienced breakthroughs and transformations in their marriages since 1983.

“As marriages grow strong, families grow strong. As families grow strong, a nation changes".

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps