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Our Story

It all began with a miracle...

Mike and Marilyn’s marriage was such a disaster that every counselor they saw told them divorce was the only answer. Yet Jesus had a better plan!

The Lord healed their marriage and gave them a course we now call Married for Life. And, although through the passing years that course has changed some in length and content, the life-giving principles that He imparted to them in 1983 have never changed. They are as alive and powerful today as when that first group of seven couples met in a home and embarked on that first adventure with Him. We have seen millions of marriages transformed around the world.

Times Change

Marriages in today’s world face the same challenges as before, but life is increasingly more complicated by technology, social media, and the constant challenges of insufficient time. We are currently developing new ways to reach couples in today’s busy world. The Married for Life video course is now transcending geography and increasing accessibility to couples around the world.